Welcome to the
Good Steward
Church Academy

The Good Steward Church Academy was born out of a desire to help churches honor God with their finances.

Every year, billions of dollars are donated to churches throughout the United States. Millions of people are giving their hard-earned money to support the goals and visions of their local congregations. Men and women, young and old, invest countless hours to fulfill the mission and support the ministries of the church.

If your congregants were to pull back the curtain on the church finances what would they see?

Are your books in order? Are they understandable?

Do you feel well-informed to make wise decisions?
What do your financial reports say about the strength of the church?

The Good Steward Church Academy…
helping you honor God with your church finances!

Take a look at the fun and informative interview I had with actor, Dean Cain! It explains a lot about the Good Steward Church Academy.